Patio Ovens

Say Buongiorno to our Portable Pizza Ovens

Evoking the finest vintage tradition of Italian dining,
Belforno brings you a selection of easy-to-use pizza ovens for your backyard.

Choose from wood or gas, 3 Sizes and 6 colors.

Buon Appetito!















Countertop Wood-Fired







Countertop Gas-Fired







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Designed and engineered in Italy, the Belforno Patio Oven brings a taste of la dolce vita to your own backyard.

  • Cook up to four 10″ pizzas in just two minutes
  • Fire up and go! No structural changes to your property required
  • Available in six Italian-inspired colors
  • Offered in three sizes for all your pizza-making needs
  • Choose wood-fired, propane or natural gas to cook your pizzas to perfection

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! – It’s true that wood-fired pizza ovens always deliver the very best tasting pizzas, however gas is a very convenient and easy way to cook and takes less time as pizzas cook quickly. Most of our ovens are available as wood-fired ovens, however other models use natural and propane gas fuels.

This depends on the oven you purchase. The ovens all have parts that need a small amount of assembly. They all come with instructions to help you out.

If you purchased the portable oven range then you will have to assemble the stands. All instructions are included.

We sell ovens which can cook more than one pizza at a time.

Piccolo size = 2 pizzas
Medio size = 3 pizzas
Grande size = 4 pizzas

Absolutely! – The size of the oven will determine what can be cooked. We’ve had customers that utilize their ovens for pizzas, BBQ style foods, roasts, breads, Casseroles and more.

We sell a range of accessories for each pizza oven brand that we stock. If you plan on leaving your pizza oven outside all year, we recommend you purchase a cover. Only use the cover once the pizza oven has fully cooled down.

We aim to have your order delivered within 2 weeks of purchasing as long as we have your order in stock. If you order is ‘Available on back order’ please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery. If you have any questions about delivery then call us on 802-230-4600 or email us at