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7 Savvy Ways to Get Your Pizza Menu ‘OnTrend’

Pizza Menu by Belforno


Pizza is holding its own against emerging food trends and pizza consumption continues to grow in the United States. Convenience and taste still play a big role in the dining experience despite the trend toward healthier and more sustainable food sources. The best news for restaurant owners is that just about every other food trend can be built into a pizza menu.


  1. Pizza

    The Detroit-style pizza is on trend. Square with a thick crust, these pizzas were traditionally baked in the square shaped pans that were used for holding small automotive parts. This style is showing up in other areas of the country as a new favorite. Pizza is also showing up on breakfast menus. Check out this Breakfast Pizza Recipe in the Belforno Wood-Fired Pizza Cookbook.

  2. Plant Based Meals

    Plant based menu items continue to gain traction. Pizzas featuring cauliflower or zucchini crusts and toppings like kale, tofu and quinoa become regular menu features as modern veganism grows in popularity. Vegetable carb substitutes such as zucchini spaghetti add a twist to the traditional pasta menu.

  3. Street Food

    Street food is not a new trend and it’s predicted to go mainstream, upscale and incorporate global influences such as lahmacun, a Turkish flatbread pizza.

  4. Hyper-Local Ingredients and Authentic Cooking Styles

    Restaurant gardens and “made on site” items fit this artisanal trend. Look to incorporate locally sourced produce like heirloom fruits and vegetables into your toppings along with cured meats to meet the desire to buy local.

Use your wood-fired oven to add slow roasted meat items to your pizza menu and to bake your own bread. Download the Belforno Wood-Fired Cooking Recipe Book

  1. Flavours of the Mediterranean

    Another trend the fits hand in glove with the pizza. Look to develop menu items that combine pomegranate and cardamom flavors with ingredients like lamb and hummus to give a taste of the Med.

  2. The Fourth Meal

    Don’t miss out on the trend toward the fourth meal of the day which is usually a treat. The upscale soft-serve movement with flavors like olive oil and sea salt, burnt marshmallow or rocky road can add a modern twist to your gelato menu. Combine this with the demand for vegan options by using cashew or coconut milk in desserts.

  3. Mocktails

    Last but not least on the drinks front, non-alcoholic cocktails are popular with the millennial crowd. From virgin sangria to mojitos and spritzers, the options are endless.

Go on – add pizza menu specials on some inexpensive flyers to test a few of these food trends. Send them with your takeout orders to spread the word and generate some excitement. Novelty encourages up selling to regular clientele.

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