Other Recipes

Other Wood-fired Recipes
You can cook much more than just pizza in your wood-fired oven. Here are some cooking tips and a few example recipes to help you make the most out of your new Belforno.

Adapting other recipes for your wood-fired oven

Just about any dish that requires an oven can be adapted to work wonderfully with a Belforno. Here are a handful of recipes we’ve posted that you may like to try yourself. Feel free to send us your recipes too, and we can add them to the list for sharing with the Belforno community.

Something Other Than Pizza…

Cooking in a wood fired oven is not very different than using a regular oven. You can use your wood fired pizza oven not only to bake delicious pizza and bread, but also roast meat and vegetables, grill fish and lobster, and bake delicious desserts.

When using ovenware, any variety of oven-safe ceramic, or terra-cotta pans can be used. Be sure to keep the ovenware away from the flame and don’t use them in temperatures over 550°F (always follow the instructions provided by your ovenware manufacturer).

Start the fire in your pizza oven approximately one and a half hours before cooking. Be sure to use dry wood. Continue to feed the fire until the center of the oven dome starts to turn white or clear: this will take about 45min to 1 hour. Next, place wood on the sides to widen the fire towards the walls. This allows the entire floor and dome to absorb the heat. After another 30min to 1 hour, the dome has turned white and the black soot has been carbonized. At this point, your oven will reach about 850°F+, the perfect temperature for cooking pizza. If you want to cook other dishes, you will need to let the temperature come down to about 450°F to 600°F.

When grilling with your wood fired pizza oven, move the embers to the front-middle of the oven and place a freestanding grill over them. You will be able to grill things crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside. This makes great steak, lobster, shrimp, fish, and even vegetables. When baking or roasting meat, you will want to cook without a flame by removing all of the embers from the oven. If you plan to roast meat, the temperature will need to be at about 500°F and gradually go down. You can also enjoy delicious traditionally baked bread this way, as well as baked goods such as homemade pies.