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No Burn Days: Your Burning Questions Answered

No Burn Days Burn Ban

The clean air drive has necessitated implementing No Burn Days in certain states where air pollution caused by burning fires has become a health concern. Each state governs these days differently but essentially it bans the burning of wood and wood-based products. As the owner of a wood-fired oven, how does this affect you?


No Burn Days are usually imposed in winter, governing the use of indoor fireplaces and wood-burning stoves and outdoor burning of wood or garden refuse. However warm, dry weather can also pose risks of forest fires. In this case fire safety is a concern in addition to air quality.

Air-quality Burn Bans

An air-quality burn ban is a mandatory and temporary ban of the use of fireplaces, wood-stoves and outdoor burning and is usually issued in response to poor air-quality. Air quality is measured by the concentration of particulates in the air. Particulates are fine particles of soot given off by burning wood. When the concentration of particulates becomes high enough that it may endanger health, notice of a Burn Ban or No Burn Day is issued.

Who Issues Burn Bans and When?

Those authorized to issue No Burn Days differ from state to state but are usually government or clean air authorities.  Each state that imposes Burn Bans has it’s own website that describes it’s approach to maintaining clean air standards. Notifications are issued by e-newsletters, are posted on websites and announced in local news.

No Burn Days are categorized as Stage 1 when weather conditions and rising pollution levels indicate that air quality standards may be violated. Stage 2 Burn Bans are issued when the fine particle pollution levels hit a level set by state law. No Burn Days may be cancelled if conditions change.

Stage 1 & Stage 2 Burn Restrictions

During a Stage 1 Burn Ban the following are prohibited:

  • wood-burning fireplaces and uncertified wood stoves – if this is your only source of heat, usage is allowed provided there is no visible sign of smoke
  • all outdoor burning including wood and charcoal fueled recreational fires

During a Stage 2 Burn Ban the following are prohibited:

  • ALL wood-burning fireplaces, wood stoves (certified and uncertified) and pellet stoves unless this is your only source of heat (still no visible sign of smoke is allowed)
  • all outdoor burning including wood and charcoal fueled recreational fires

How to Avoid Violating a Burn Ban

Agency inspectors determine if visible smoke violates state opacity laws. If using wood during a Stage 1 Ban or if this is your only source of heat, use seasoned dry firewood. Seasoned wood burns more cleanly and emits less smoke. Most states prohibit the generation of excessive smoke outside of No Burn Days.

A Notice of Violation will be issued if a Burn Ban violation is observed. Penalties range from $500 to over $15,000 depending on the degree of transgression. Manufacturers of uncertified fireplaces and stoves are fined per unit built and shipped and these fines can be substantial.

Can I Use my Wood-Burning Pizza Oven on No Burn Days?

No. Use of all recreational fire devices is prohibited during Burn Bans. A recreational fires include cooking fires, barbecues, campfires and bonfires. Use of propane and natural gas are allowed during a Burn Ban.

Adding a gas burner to your wood-fired oven allows you to switch between wood and gas fuels. This means you can get the most use out of your pizza oven regardless of imposed No Burn Days.

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