Building Your Pizza Oven

Step-by-step Guide to Assembling Your Oven Kit

  • Pizza oven by Belforno Installation process

    Building Your Pizza Oven

    This section outlines how to assemble our oven kits, from preparation to finished and ready-to-use.
  • Installation process of Belforno pizza ovens


    The Belforno oven is always constructed on a purpose-made base to the owners design.

    There are any number of ways to finish the base, from simple and classic to something grand. But all ovens require some forethought. For example, the final height of the oven floor must be considered, then planned for.

    The Belforno oven kit includes space-age ceramic board insulation that sits on top of the base and under the oven floor. Once you have the base in place you are ready to assemble the oven.
  • Installation process by Belforno pizza ovens

    Oven assembly

    Belforno ovens are created in separate parts that have overlapping joints. Once you have determined the location of the front of the oven, assembly begins.

    First, the oven floor is laid out on top of the ceramic board, then the dome is assembled.

    The individual pieces are numbered, so it is a simple job to place everything in its correct position.

    A little of the high-heat ready-to-use mortar is buttered along matching surfaces. And once the oven is assembled the joins and small gaps are smoothed over with a little more mortar.
  • Installation process belforno oven

    Adding Insulation

    The keys to a good oven (a bel forno!) are good refractory material, and adequate insulation. At Belforno we believe in excellence, so 3 layers of 1” ceramic blanket is provided in the kit.

    To install, wrap the oven with the blanket, one layer at a time, taking care to slightly overlap at the edges. To provide even greater insulation you can use a vermiculite-mortar mix .

    If you are planning a classic igloo shape, it is good practice to apply a wet mix of vermiculite over the ceramic blanket.

    You can buy vermiculite in ready-mix bags at a reasonable price at garden centers. To apply the vermiculite, cover the ceramic blanket with 1/2″ gauge chicken, then simply apply and shape by hand.
  • Belforno Installation process

    The Finished Product

    The final finish depends entirely on your personal taste. Some prefer a simple igloo shape, and others prefer the oven to be enclosed.

    There are many creative ways to finish the outside of an igloo, for example pigmented stucco. tiles, or mosaic – to name a few.

    And likewise there are many ways to finish the surface of an enclosed oven – for example brick, stone, stucco or even copper.

    Whatever finish you decide on, at the heart will be a Belforno oven ready to give decades of pleasure and enjoyment. We hope you decide to join the Belforno family.