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Choose a Gas Burner in 2 Simple Steps

Choosing a gas burner

Now you can easily convert a wood-fired pizza oven into a dual fuel pizza oven by simply adding a gas burner. Gas burners use either propane or natural gas and give you the option of running your brick oven using gas only, wood only, or both gas and wood at the same time.

​Our UL listed Vamparossa gas burners are ECONOMICAL, CONVENIENT, CONSISTENT and CLEAN and provide the same great results as a wood fired pizza oven. Installation is simple, create a hole for the gas burner in the location we specify, attach the burner, and connect to gas. All the connections you need are included in the kit.

Every Vamparossa gas burner is made with Italian passion and precision and individually tested in our factory, just a stone’s throw from the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy.

Choose the correct gas burner for your wood-fired oven in 2 simple steps:


Select the right size gas burner for your pizza oven: RESIDENTIAL OR COMMERCIAL?

choose a gas burner for your pizza oven

All Vamparossa gas burners are UL listed. They can be used indoors or outdoors and in residential or commercial applications.


Select the TYPE of gas burner you want: MANUAL OR AUTOMATIC​

​​​MANUAL: M-Series Gas Burner:

The push-button pilot is easily lit with a high-voltage spark. Turning a dial sets the flame to high or low. The flame remains at the setting until changed. This burner does not require electrical power.

  • If price is important or you don’t have electrical power nearby, the M-Series is perfect for you.

ADVANTAGES OF MANUAL GAS BURNERS: No power required. Lower price

AUTOMATIC: E-Series Gas Burner:

The temperature is set on a display and the gas will come on as required. Also features a manual override and a boost setting to increase temperature quickly. Requires 110v power.

  • If you like maximum ease of use, or if it is for commercial use, consider the E-Seriesof automatic burners.

ADVANTAGES OF AUTOMATIC GAS BURNERS: Easy to use. Boosts temperature when needed. Manual override.


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