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April 4, 2018
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Essential Tips for Buying and Storing Wood for your Wood-Fired Oven

Buying and Storing Wood for wood-fired ovens

Buying and Storing Wood for a wood-fired oven

Follow these simple tips when buying and storing wood for your wood-fired pizza oven:

  1. Don’t buy from just anyone – ensure the seller is reputable
  2. It’s worth paying extra to have the wood stacked for you. You’ll only know what you paid for when you see it stacked
  3. Hardwood burns longer at higher temperatures and is more suitable for cooking in a wooDownload the Belforno Guide to Types of Wood for a Wood-Fired Ovens
  4. Ask the seller to give you the volumetric measurement for your purchase – descriptive terms like “facing chord” are subject to interpretation
  5. Invest in a moisture meter
  6. Purchase naturally seasoned wood with less than 20% moisture
  7. Wood with below 15% moisture can be a fire hazard
  8. A quality seller will provide wood that’s consistently cut. It’s also easier to stack.
  1. Wood that’s properly seasoned has dark colored, cracked ends. The cracks radiate from the center like bicycle spokes.
  2. The wood should feel light because of the low moisture content.
  3. When you hit two pieces together it should make a cracking sound, like a bat hitting a baseball. Moist wood will “thud”.
  4. You should be able to easily peel away the broken bark and there should be no green visible.
  1. Invest in a high quality firewood rack
  2. Split your wood before you stack it
  3. Stack your wood in a crisscross pattern to increase airflow and dry it quicker
  4. Purchase your wood early so you allow it maximum time to dry
  5. Store your wood at least 6″ off the ground to keep it dry and encourage airflow
  6. Purchase a cover for your firewood

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