About Belforno

About Belforno
“We hope your Belforno oven adds to your enjoyment of life as it has to so many others and brings you good feelings whenever you use it.” – Frank Shepherdson


The Belforno Story

What started as a passion for the Italian lifestyle and a love for authentic Italian food grew into a search for the perfect wood fired oven, and Belforno was created.


Founder Frank Shepherdson spent many summers in Italy and France, and understands the obsession for the quest for the perfect pizza. He was determined to reflect his own experiences in the quality of design and refractory materials used in Belforno ovens.


As a result, Belforno ovens make it possible, time after time, to cook not only the perfect pizza, but also roasted meats, breads, vegetables and much more — right in your own back yard.


Belforno Wood-Fired Ovens provide a transformative cooking and entertaining experience for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, preparing delicious home-made foods, and entertaining friends and family.


We are a manufacturer of authentic wood-fired ovens that we deliver to your door in a ready-to-assemble kit. Belforno ovens are designed in the Italian tradition using only the finest refractory ceramic materials to hold heat for long periods of time and provide superior cooking results.


To us, wood-fired cooking is a way of life, not just a product to sell. We derive satisfaction from sharing and enabling our customers to enjoy the many benefits of wood-fired oven cooking.


Therefore, not only do we hold ourselves to the highest standards for product performance and quality, but we also aim to exceed our customers’ expectations with our excellent, personalized level of service and through education.