Wood fired Pizza Ovens

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Wood-fired Pizza Ovens
      a life-changing cooking and entertaining experience
Congratulations! You’ve just decided to buy a wood fired pizza oven

Tuscany How does a real wood fired pizza oven work?

The oven is a dome with thick walls heated by fire. When the walls and floor are hot enough the embers are pushed aside. The pizza is cooked on the hot floor, usually in less than 3 minutes.

Made in the USA and servicing all of North America, Belforno wood fired ovens use only the finest refractory ceramic materials. Our ovens hold heat for long periods of time and provide superior cooking results.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards for product performance and quality, and we also aim to exceed our customers’ expectations with our excellent, personalized level of service and through education.

Anyone looking for a brick pizza oven will find what they want at Belforno. Wood burning ovens are about lifestyle and authentic, slow food. It’s the enjoyment with friends and family of good food simply prepared, and of outdoor cooking“, says founder and President Frank Shepherdson.

At home Residential wood-fired ovens  
Bring the pleasures of wood-fired oven cooking to your back yard or patio, and enjoy the unique flavors and textures that can only be created using wood fire.

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Commercial Commercial wood-fired ovens  
Produce authentic Italian flavors in your pizzeria! Our commercial oven series is energy efficient and exceptionally cost-effective.

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Getting started…

  • What style – enclosed or dome?
    The style of the oven is important because it will determine the dimensions of the oven. An enclosed oven has an outer shell, typically brick or stone, so that only the mouth of the oven is visible. A dome oven follows the rounded contours of the oven and has a mortar skin and usually finished in stucco, tiles or mosaic.
  • First, the base
    A pizza oven is ideally built at a height of 44 inches. Usually the oven is assembled on 4” thick cast concrete on a base built from cement blocks. The space created below the oven is used for wood storage.
  • Next, assembly and finishing
    Once the base is ready, the oven kit is assembled. Even a novice can do this in an hour or two. When it is assembled and insulated the oven can be completed in the style of your choice.
  • Prepare to cook!
    To prepare for long-term use the oven needs careful conditioning. We provide detailed instructions in the manual. This step takes a few hours. After that – you are ready to cook pizza!

Belforno ovens are UL listed     Belforno ovens are certified NSF/ANSI-4 for US and Canada
All our ovens are listed for UL2162 and UL737
and certified NSF/ANSI-4 for U.S.A. and Canada.

Video: Belforno wood-fired ovens
See it in action
View a short video with Frank, the founder of Belforno.

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